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Have you heard of the Spoutwood Fairy Festival in Pennsylvania? I'm going to be a vendor this year! 

52 deviants said Never heard of it
3 deviants said Heard of it, but never gone
2 deviants said Heard of it, and have been there before!




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Find me on:


It is very exciting to me to announce that I will be attending the Spoutwood Fairy Festival this year as a vendor! The festivities take place May Day Weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 4th, 5th and 6th.

as soon as my booth location is announced, I will update with that info as well.

Their are tons of events, vendors, face painters, and FAIRIES! If you are in the area, come by and see me! It is located on Spoutwood Farm, in Glen Rock PA.

Here is a link to their official site where you can plan your trip and buy tickets:…


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Bullet; Green OPEN

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Erin Ewer
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Current Age: 31, Current Residence: West Virginia

Personal Quote: No sense insulting bullfrogs


Standardized Commissions are here!

Click below to see examples and prices:

Portrait Commissions:
Portraits Copy by LiquidFaeStudios

Waist up Commissions:
Wasitup Copy by LiquidFaeStudios

Full Body Commissions:
commissions3 by LiquidFaeStudios

:bulletblue:Particularly detailed characters may cost more.

:bulletblue:Prices are listed for a single character, if you want more than one character in the same image, add 50% of the price to the total (ie; a single character $50 commission would be $75 for two characters)

:bulletblue: Full and partial backgrounds are available at additional cost, depending on the complexity of the background. Here are a couple examples of different kinds of backgrounds:

Lines, Full Background:
The change by LiquidFaeStudios

Watercolor, Partial Background:
At Cafe Luna by LiquidFaeStudios

Watercolor, Full background:
Onward by LiquidFaeStudios

NOTE me with commission inquiries!


Q: Are you open for Commissions?
A: Yes! Just send me a note

Q:Do you do art trades?
A:Sometimes, but not very often. You can always note me with an inquiry :)

Q:How do you come up with the ideas for your work?
A: Thats kind of hard actually! There are a couple different ways, and all are very arbitrary. Sometimes I just start drawing, and let the rest of the paper fill in around it as I go. Sometimes I see something inspirational like a painting, photograph, or just while out and about, and it will give me a wonderful concept or even just a color scheme and i build from there. Other times its like a flash in my head of an entire image already done... That has always been the hardest because getting the drawing to look like whats in my head is sometimes very difficult! If I'm in a rut I find it helpful to have a friend just list things for me, I find that the brainstorm of a friend can put lots of images running through your head and help give you fresh ideas.

Q: How long have you been painting, and has it always been fantasy themed?
A: The short answer is about 11 years, and yes. I tentatively picked up a brush around the age of 14 and never put it down. I had of course "painted" before that, but never quite as seriously. I started with acrylics and worked my way slowly into watercolors.

Q: How do you decide when to colour a piece of work digitally, and when to colour it traditionally? What sorts of factors influence this decision? Do you think digital colouring is better in certain particular instances, and traditional colouring (watercolours, etc) in others - or is it more complicated than that?
A: Actually my medium is based highly on the subject matter, as well as what I want the finished product to look like. For instance, if i want to do serious lights and darks I go digital - if I want a whimsical flowy feeling I will use watercolor. I have a tenancy to do my OC's in digital because its quick, easy, and doesn't require as much planning, nor does it make a mess and consume my desktop. Sometimes they are interchangeable and I might even do a digital and watercolor version of the same piece, or a digital study of what i want to achieve in watercolor. Most of the time though, it is either a time factor, or a visual factor. Do i want it to look like watercolor? if not then i go digital. Or if it will take a lot of time that I am not willing to spend on it in watercolors, I use my computer as a simple solution to be able to complete a piece of work without the constraints of traditional medias, ie, like needing to be at my desk to do them. I love taking my lappy down to the local cafe and working on a digital piece with a cup of coffee :D

Q: Do you make a living off your art, enough so to be a full time artist?
A: Not yet, but bogdamnit if I wont one of these days. I do have a registered business and I do make a decent profit, but no it's not currently enough to live on. 2011 was my first year in business, and I had a pretty damn good first year!

Q: How can people make money off fantasy painting?
A: There are a number of ways to make money off your work, it just depends on what you are comfortable doing. There is book illustration, tattoo design, personal commissions and of course product marketing. I am open to all of these things, I take regular commissions as well as personalized tattoo commissions, and i spend a lot of time making, packaging, selling, and marketing my products. I do it the old fashioned way and peddle to locally owned stores and businesses. Its a lot of hard work but I make most of my income from the sales made in those stores.

Q:What are your favorite watercolor tools that you use?
A:My brushes! Sounds silly but I don't use many tools. For the most part my painting is confined to my brushes and my paper. I rarely use masking fluid or any other medium along with my paints.

Q: Do you favor any specific watercolor brushes?
A: I have never been a "brand" person, unless I find one that I REALLY rank highly above others. For the most part I find nice, inexpensive sable brushes and take care of them, they usually last me a few years. The brushes I use are so fine that getting a replacement brush every couple years is a good idea anyway, to avoid the fraying of the bristles messing up my work. I have one brush that I have had for years, it is a Richeson size 14 sable round. huge brush with the finest tip imaginable. I have taken good care of it and its lasted me 6+ years. only spent 14$ on it took :O

Q:What watercolor brand do you use most often?
A: I Like Holbien and Cotman. Grumbacher is good but i have had troubles with their tubs before having too much Gum Arabic in them, and I don't like the effect that has on my painting. I dislike that there is an inconsistency so often in how much Gum Arabic is in each tube, as it varies from hardly any to far too much, they are also the only brand I have had problems with leaking tubes. Normally I would say Grumbacher is a spot on brand, but their watercolors seem to be a weak spot in their otherwise high quality line of products.

Q:What are some of your favorite watercolor techniques?
A: I usually use a dry on dry method for most of my painting. I have recently gotten into Wet on Dry a lot and find it very fun for blending colors. Something i like to do a lot to get that marbled effect like on the borders of "Masquerade" is to do a wet on dry wash, and when it is halfway dry I drop water onto it. the water pushes the nearly dry color out of the way and you get that cool texture effect!.

Q:What artists really inspired and inspire you?
A: Ohhhh toughy. Mucha, of course. Art nouveau almost always sneaks into my work somewhere. My lovely friends JannaFairyArt and :devfiredamon: are always great for inspiration as well! Stephanie Law, puimun is also a big inspiration of mine.

Q:Have you tried painting outside of fairies and mystical beings?
A: Of course :) I have quite a few still life and life model paintings, a few landscapes as well as quite a few plant and fish illustrations tucked under my wings. I have dabbled in nearly every media and subject matter, but I always return to fantasy and watercolors.

Q: Do you have any hobbies outside of art?
A: Herbalism. I have had an interest in this for many years, I do my own study work and self-dosage testing. I'm pretty well versed in quite a few herbs and what they do. My current collection is small but growing quickly. I'd love to have a poisonous garden one day- im absolutely fascinated by them.

Have a question you think should be added to the FAQ? send me a note :)

Prints, Products, and more


My site store is currently under construction, if you would like a product or print, please contact me directly via a note OR check my Etsy site listed below. Prints are NOT listed on my Etsy shop, so just note me.
Liquid Fae Studios

Also visit my Etsy at
Liquid Fae on Etsy

Nearly all images are available as prints upon request.

Print prices:

ACEO - 2.95
Mini(4x6) - 5.00
Regular(8.5x11) - 10.00
Large(11x14) - 14.00 (available upon special request)

I offer the following items though my website. You can bypass the whole check out process by sending me a note on DA, and dealing with me personally.

:new::bulletwhite: Postcards 1.50 or 5 for 6.00 +shipping:new:
:bulletgreen:Bookmarks $4.50 +…
:bulletyellow:Keepsake Boxes $15.50 + shipping…
:bulletblue:Greeting Cards -5 pack, envelopes included $8.50 +
:bulletred:Key Charms $3.50 + shipping
:bulletpurple: Journals $16.95 + shipping…

If you have a question about my prints service or products, please note me or send me and email at


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